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Starting a New Project…Wanna Help?

Help Wanted Sign
So…starting a new project. I am going to make it work, but if you are a genuis when it comes to this stuff, I could really use some help understanding it. As you may well know, I am a bit of a foursquare fan. I have been posting badge info for quite some time. What started out as a simple post to help me keep track of my own badges has turned into one of the most extensive foursquare badge information sites on the internet. And now, it is becoming more than one person can attend to and still have some semblance of a life.

In the beginning, I hand coded everything just using the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress. This was back when there were only 50 badges total. As the badge count grew, I moved on to coding it in DreamWeaver and pasting the code in the page. A bit later, I had about 150 pages of content that I was having to go back and update with new/updated information so I decided hand coding was not a viable option. I created a Microsoft Access database to generates all the code I need to update my pages with the click of a button. This was nice as it added a GUI to make tracking everything much more simple.

Now, I am at another crossroads and am wanting to take my project to yet another level. Here is what I have: a MySQL database, a Microsoft Access frontend, a WordPress site, two types of web pages I need to generate (badge lists and single badge pages), and a will to make my life easier. I have only just begun to learn php. My intent is to use the Access frontend to update the info in my MySQL database. I would like to only have to enter some snippet of short code into my single badge pages (something like [BadgeID 215]) and have the php query the database to pull the most current data. Same with the badge lists, but I assume that will be a bit more intense.

Here is how I work right now. I get a new snippet of info. I make the change in my database. I output the new code (for one badge update I generate 6 separate web pages) and copy/paste that code into the appropriate pages. Again, what once worked is now becoming a lot more work that it should be.

What I envision is simply changing the code in the MySQL database and having all the pages simply pull the data. Sounds simple, but I have no idea where to begin. If you are someone who knows about this stuff and have a few minutes here and there to help out someone who is wanting to learn, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you.

SocialScope Invite Giveaway – Vote for the Best Entry!

Ok, I know I said I would choose the top 10, but I only received 6. Here they are in no particular order. These guys are counting on you to vote for them. You can vote for two. Once you decide which ones are your favorites, just select them at the bottom of the page. To the applicants, thanks for entering! To the voters, thanks for taking the time, I know the winners will appreciate it and so do I.


I have been waiting for an invite code for around 12 months


Dude! I am an avid follower of your blogs and tweets. I love to stay current on new apps and am trying to live a “transparent” life by using social networking apps to allow people to follow me around. Thanks for all you do. The foursquare page is awesome BTW!


i’ve been very frustrated lately, the lagging of my ubertwitter, facebook app, flickr, foursquare, etc. It seems wrong having all of the applications inside my blackberry, they take a lot of memory spaces and make my berry lags. I first heard about SocialScope from twitter, when i was tweeting, as usual, i saw @thekruser tweets: deleting ubertwitter and facebook from my blackberry, SocialScope is the perfect app i need. well, i was kinda interested since then. @thekruser is a very friendly guy, he replies my tweets asking him about foursquare badges and socialscope and he told me there will be a contest coming up. Well, i can’t wait for it, and so here i am, participating in the contest. I tried to be as creative as i can, but a poem is what i can think of, this is a short poem, a very short one i guess. But this one is for all of you.please do vote:D

this may not be the best poem
im not a poet you guys know’em
thanks for your time, im not making shows
but this is how it goes..

twitter facebook foursquare flickr all at once
that would be something that everyone wants
everything is in one app
there will be no much work for me to tap

there’s no more time wasted
socialscope is what i wanted
i just hope my wish is granted
and everyhing will become completed

i think i deserve the SocialScope
this contest just give me some hope
please do vote for me
i really appreciate it:)teehee

So, how is it? I deserve to win this application, i am a teen who really tweet a lot, checks in a lot, and updates a lot.
Thanks for reading this guys, have a nice day!

p.s: took me hours to write this one :p


Hello, what’s up everyone? This is Kimberly and am writing this to get the socialscope invitation. So, I have übertwitter for my twitter, facebook application for facebook, foursquare, flickr and other social networking applications in my blackberry. When I want to tweet , update my status, and check in the place I am at, it sure is a lot of work to do, I have to open each and every social networking application. Not forgetting about how slow the facebook application is in the blackberry, and how the blackberry is lagging due to the small memory space left available. And when I heard about socialscope from @thekruser’s tweet saying: deleting übertwitter, facebook, etc from my blackberry, this socialscope is rocking, I was like WOW, what type of application is that. So, I really think socialscope is the perfect thing for my blackberry, it’s just that, I’m the tweet-update-checks-in-anytime-anywhere person, it will be perfect for me. Socialscope is still ɑ private beta, and I tried to sign up for the invitation, but to no avail, I have not received any invitations, it’s been like weeks waiting. It was ɑ very nice of thekruser to reply my tweets asking about all the badges and socialscope, when he told me he’s holding the contest, I can’t wait for it, it’s ɑ very good opportunity for me. Well, I’ve heard about how great and perfect the application is, and I can’t wait to have it. So, vote for this essay, I would appreciate it if you guys do vote:)thanks for reading and voting for me, have ɑ nice day everyone!

I’ve recently been extremely frustrated by the delays I get when I tweet or post a message on facebook. What is even more annoying is the pop up screen which says,”server down due to over-capacity”.

With so many people from all over the world trying to share their personal issues, ranging from africans to koreans, the server simply cannot hold the massive amount of messages being published every millisecond.

And just when I was about to throw down my blackberry and give up, I stumbled across a very promising application, SocialScope. To me, SocialScope seems like another way for me to spend my past time as minutes past. Seeing as it is not very popular yet, I find it quite pleasant to just post out my thoughts immediately one after another without having to leave my blackberry on for half-an-hour just to send one short comment to the internet.

This wonderful application, SocialScope is what every teen would dream of, because it is twitter and facebook on the same screen! No more wasting my time just to switch applications when I can do it all in one go!

I believe that once I got this application, I would use it to its full extent. Of course, I would not fail to promote it to other teens like me. Because I am a frequent tweeter, SocialScope would allow me to communicate with my friends in a more efficient way,and at the same time allow the application to gain popularity. A win-win situation for both of us.

And so I conclude that is why I believe I should win the application. I will really appreciate it if you guys vote for me. Thank you for reading this:)have a nice day!


Hi! My name is Dennis, I’m from Indonesia. I’ve been following thekruser for quite a long time because of his awesome website about foursquare badges which really helps me unlock most of the badges available. Then I notice him tweeting from SocialScope, which makes me curious and I ended up googling about it. Most people said that the SocialScope is the best social networking platform which makes me interested in trying it. Then I signed up for the closed beta invitation, but I was never informed until now. Now is the best chance to try my luck once again to get the SocialScope on Blackberry which is presented by the kind and generous thekruser :D


SocialScope is the best social media application, because SosialScope is a very comprehensive application. I always find information about SocialScope, because I need the invitation.
SocialScope very simple and practice, coz with one application we can enjoy the features
from many social network. SocialScope very useful for me, because my gadget its bold 9000 that hate low memory capacity. With SocialScope i can uninstall many applications and I can save my gadget memory.
I hope you cab give me invitation code, Thanks

Well, there you have it. These guys would really appreciate your vote. Remember, you can vote for two.

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SocialScope Invite Giveaway

SocialScope Logo

This contest’s entry period is over.

I will post the entries that I received in a separate blog post so you can vote.

SocialScope is a BlackBerry app that features twitter, facebook, flickr, and foursquare integration with the ability to simultaneously post to multiple accounts. It is hands-down my favorite twitter client. The problem is, they have been in private beta since 2008. Many people have been waiting for this app…and will continue to wait. You could request an invite or…you could enter my contest!

All you have to do to enter is tell me why you are the one person in the world that deserves a SocialScope invite more than anyone else! It is that simple. There are two ways to enter, and it couldn’t be easier: Continue reading

So you Bought a Router, What Now? (For the Beginner)

So, you bought a router today? Not sure how to hook it up? The diagrams below will show you waht to do! Click the images for a larger view.

Follow the instructions that came with your new router!

  • Phone cord: thin (usually flat) wire with 4 pins in the connector
  • Cable: thick round cable with a metal connector and a single copper wire in the center of the connector
  • CAT-5: round cord thicker than phone cord, but not as thick as cable with 8 pins in the connector
What you have now (if you have DSL) diagram

If you have DSL

What you have now (if you have a cable modem) diagram

If you have a cable modem

What you need to do diagram

How you need to hook it up

Back of router diagram (what goes where)

Where the wires go

What I Hate About Twitter for BlackBerry

Here is a short list of what I hate about #T4BB. Granted, right now I’m tired as hell and a bit irritable. Either way, here we go. Just off the top of my head:

  • The fact that there is no shortcut for “quote tweet” either on the keyboard or in the Profile page.
  • The way “quote tweet” looks all together. What was wrong with RT?
  • @replies show in my timeline WAY before they show in my @reply list.
  • If they can get DMs to show in my messages list, why the hell is it that my @replies don’t?
  • Why does the “integrate into messages” produce one thing only in my messages list “You have new tweets.”?
  • No multi-acct support.
  • It randomly scrolls. I can be scrolling up my timeline, then for no reason at all it just shoots to the bottom.
  • When I click a link in a tweet and it opens the page, when I hit the back key, it does not take me back to T4BB.
  • There is no day separator. When one scrolls through their timeline, there is no distinction between today and yesterday.
  • There is no “This person is following you” notification on the Profile page.
  • The fact that “Unfollow” is the first option in the Profile page. So annoying when I am trying to hit the RT link and accidentally hit unfollow.
  • You can’t scroll left or right to return to the top.

And that’s all I can think of at the moment. Got one? Leave it in the comments.


Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

iPhone Pricing Released

Apple has released the prices for the new iPhone 4.

Those who are eligible for an upgrade can snag the iPhone 4 16GB for $199.99 or the 32GB for $299.99. As with the 3Gs, those who purchased it on release can upgrade immediately on release (check to confirm).

Those who are ineligible for an upgrade are looking at $499.99 for the 16GB and $599.99 for the 32GB.

Tethering will only be available to those who accept the new data plans AT&T released and will run $20.00 per month.

For more info, see the Mashable link below.

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry Makes the #1 Slot on Google!

Woo-hoo!! made #1!

Yes, I know this is a relatively minor milestone, but one I take much pride in. I am one guy. Corporations spend thousands of dollars to get on the first page of Google and some still never make it. My thanks goes out to each and every one of you. Yes…if you are reading this, that means you! Without my readers and commenters, it would never have happened. I have spent a lot of time researching foursquare badges, and I have a few dedicated commenters who have helped me along the way. A special “thank you” goes out to everyone who has helped me in my endeavor. Be it through comments, links, pingbacks, or help with code, without your help this would never have been possible.

Thanks again to all of my readers and commenters. You guys ROCK!

I was Hacked

Just a word to those who have not yet heard, this site has been hacked. I am correcting the issue. Please be patient with me and know that I would never attempt to hijack, infect, or otherwise exploit my readers. Once the issue has been corrected, I will post more.

Thank you for visiting I hope you return.

UPDATE: I am still working this issue, but the virus appears to be gone. There will continue to be glitches for a while.  My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience. I am thoroughly scanning each and every file before posting, so it may take a while to get everything back up and running in its entirety. Thank you for your continued patience.

iPad 3G Will be Here Friday…Here is the Pricing Info

Well, for those who bought an iPad 3G (regrettably, I did not), the wait is almost over. Friday it is.

AT&T has finally released its pricing plans:

$14.99 for 250MB (both monthly, duh!)


$29.99 for unlimited (I guess that 5GB max rumor we heard about didn’t happen after all)

The cool thing is that if you opt for the $14.99/mo plan, you will get notifications when you are about to reach your limit: one at 20% remaining, one at 10%, and one when you are out. It is my understanding that one will be able to either add more data a-la-carte or upgrade your package at that point.

Seriously, though…if you can’t afford that extra $15/mo for the unlimited plan, perhaps you should have rethought that $600-850 purchase in the first place.

Get the 4sq Day 2010 badge!

Happy foursquare Day

Happy foursquare Day

Get the 4sq Day 2010 badge by checking in with (or shouting) “Happy Foursquare Day” without the quotes. Good for today, 16 April, only! Be sure to hit the retweet button to the right to let your friends know!!

Thanks for the info, Nan Palmero: BlackBerry Power User!

-Posted from my beloved BlackBerry!