My Foursquare Badge Info has Moved

The Bottom Line

All of my foursquare Badge information has moved to my new site: Please update your links. Thank you for being a loyal reader. You have to be to even have landed here in the first place.

Why did it move?

Several reasons. Mainly because of my hosting provider. I am sure you have noticed this site down more often than it is up here recently. I can complain about it all day long, but the fact remains that my list needed an overhaul anyway.

Yeah, I had noticed it was out of date.

Well, thanks for noticing! Ha ha! My new site is laid out better, and has been completely recoded for efficiency and fluidity. It looks somewhat similar, but is completely redone. Users can add a badge to the list any time they find a badge that is not listed. Now you no longer have to wait for me to add it on my own…you can help! With everyone helping, we will make it awesome!

What do you think?