iPad 3G Will be Here Friday…Here is the Pricing Info

Well, for those who bought an iPad 3G (regrettably, I did not), the wait is almost over. Friday it is.

AT&T has finally released its pricing plans:

$14.99 for 250MB (both monthly, duh!)


$29.99 for unlimited (I guess that 5GB max rumor we heard about didn’t happen after all)

The cool thing is that if you opt for the $14.99/mo plan, you will get notifications when you are about to reach your limit: one at 20% remaining, one at 10%, and one when you are out. It is my understanding that one will be able to either add more data a-la-carte or upgrade your package at that point.

Seriously, though…if you can’t afford that extra $15/mo for the unlimited plan, perhaps you should have rethought that $600-850 purchase in the first place.

What do you think?