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iPad 3G Will be Here Friday…Here is the Pricing Info

Well, for those who bought an iPad 3G (regrettably, I did not), the wait is almost over. Friday it is.

AT&T has finally released its pricing plans:

$14.99 for 250MB (both monthly, duh!)


$29.99 for unlimited (I guess that 5GB max rumor we heard about didn’t happen after all)

The cool thing is that if you opt for the $14.99/mo plan, you will get notifications when you are about to reach your limit: one at 20% remaining, one at 10%, and one when you are out. It is my understanding that one will be able to either add more data a-la-carte or upgrade your package at that point.

Seriously, though…if you can’t afford that extra $15/mo for the unlimited plan, perhaps you should have rethought that $600-850 purchase in the first place.

Foursquare for BlackBerry Beta Gets an Update

Beta App in ProgressJust when I was ready to hit the rack, my friend Nan: BlackBerry Power User let me know about the newest version of the foursquare for BlackBerry Beta. So…thanks, Nan, for letting me know about the newest update; THANKS NAN, NOW I HAVE TO WRITE A NEW POST! Ha ha ha! I am starting to see double at this point — I am rather tired (thank God for spell check) — but if I didn’t post at least something, I would feel like I am letting my readers down. so, without further adieu, this is what I noticed on first glance. Continue reading

Erase your iPhone or iPod Touch

Have an iPod touch or an iPhone you are getting rid of? Send me an email, I will send you my address! Yes, that was a joke, but I’ll take it if you send it! Regardless of where the device goes, you might want to erase it first. If you don’t, whomever you give it to will have all of your data and network info. Not good. Continue reading

Restore Lost Speed, Reset your iPod Touch

iPod touch giving you random problems? Have you noticed a lag developing in its performance? You probably need to reset it. You next question is probably something along the lines of, “Will I lose everything when I do it?” That was my first question, anyway. The answer is no. This is a basic step equivalent to restarting your computer. A reset should always be your first troubleshooting step for your iPod Touch. Continue reading