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All About This Date

Every application has a story behind it…

The other day I wondered how old my grandfather was when my son was born.  I got to number crunching and found the answer.  Then I started thinking about the relativity of a date.   What day of the week was my son born on?  That sent me on a mission.  About 15 hours later, All About This Date Beta 1 was born. Continue reading

Whip Maker Featured Image

Whip Maker

Whip Maker on the Apple App Store

Every application has a story behind it…

As an aside, my family is geographically separated.  On a recent visit to my parents’ house while my brother was in town — and after a few beers — our stepdad’s bullwhip came out.  I have to add, this is not the first occurrence of this phenomenon.  After a brief “refresher course” from the master, my brother and I took turns trying to produce the coveted crack…at times with a great deal of pain.  We both decided that we must finally master this skill.  That means we needed bullwhips. Continue reading