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So you Bought a Router, What Now? (For the Beginner)

So, you bought a router today? Not sure how to hook it up? The diagrams below will show you waht to do! Click the images for a larger view.

Follow the instructions that came with your new router!

  • Phone cord: thin (usually flat) wire with 4 pins in the connector
  • Cable: thick round cable with a metal connector and a single copper wire in the center of the connector
  • CAT-5: round cord thicker than phone cord, but not as thick as cable with 8 pins in the connector
What you have now (if you have DSL) diagram

If you have DSL

What you have now (if you have a cable modem) diagram

If you have a cable modem

What you need to do diagram

How you need to hook it up

Back of router diagram (what goes where)

Where the wires go

iPhone Pricing Released

Apple has released the prices for the new iPhone 4.

Those who are eligible for an upgrade can snag the iPhone 4 16GB for $199.99 or the 32GB for $299.99. As with the 3Gs, those who purchased it on release can upgrade immediately on release (check to confirm).

Those who are ineligible for an upgrade are looking at $499.99 for the 16GB and $599.99 for the 32GB.

Tethering will only be available to those who accept the new data plans AT&T released and will run $20.00 per month.

For more info, see the Mashable link below.

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iPad 3G Will be Here Friday…Here is the Pricing Info

Well, for those who bought an iPad 3G (regrettably, I did not), the wait is almost over. Friday it is.

AT&T has finally released its pricing plans:

$14.99 for 250MB (both monthly, duh!)


$29.99 for unlimited (I guess that 5GB max rumor we heard about didn’t happen after all)

The cool thing is that if you opt for the $14.99/mo plan, you will get notifications when you are about to reach your limit: one at 20% remaining, one at 10%, and one when you are out. It is my understanding that one will be able to either add more data a-la-carte or upgrade your package at that point.

Seriously, though…if you can’t afford that extra $15/mo for the unlimited plan, perhaps you should have rethought that $600-850 purchase in the first place.

Erase your iPhone or iPod Touch

Have an iPod touch or an iPhone you are getting rid of? Send me an email, I will send you my address! Yes, that was a joke, but I’ll take it if you send it! Regardless of where the device goes, you might want to erase it first. If you don’t, whomever you give it to will have all of your data and network info. Not good. Continue reading

Solve a Vanishing Network on your iPod Touch

Having issues with your iPod touch not retaining your Wi-Fi settings? Getting tired of having to enter your Wi-Fi settings every time you want to connect to your network? Irritating, isn’t it? I feel your pain. I argued with this for weeks before I finally found the solution. With a few simple steps, and about 5 minutes of your life, you can put this problem to rest! Continue reading

Restore Lost Speed, Reset your iPod Touch

iPod touch giving you random problems? Have you noticed a lag developing in its performance? You probably need to reset it. You next question is probably something along the lines of, “Will I lose everything when I do it?” That was my first question, anyway. The answer is no. This is a basic step equivalent to restarting your computer. A reset should always be your first troubleshooting step for your iPod Touch. Continue reading

Manually Reset your Router

Personally, I like to reconfigure my home network every now and then to make sure no one who may or may not have gained access to my system without my knowledge does not enjoy free internet for as long as they live near me. There will be times that you will need to restore your router to factory settings…say, if you have forgotten your admin password, for instance. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, you do not have to buy a new router. Continue reading

Power Cycle your Device

There will come a time when your wireless devices will not connect to your router, even though the Wi-Fi light is blinking. There will be a time when your router will not connect to your modem. There is an easy process that will solve 75% of all “no internet connection” problems that exist today. It is called the power cycle. Continue reading