Grill Masters

Grill Master's Dream


First and foremost, let me make one thing perfectly clear: cooking on a gas grill is not grilling! It is cooking outside. Now, I know there are many of you that will disagree with that statement. My reply: my website, my opinion.

Grilling is an art. It is only mastered by those of us who understand that. To be a true Grill Master, one must take into account things such as fuel, time, heat, position, distance to heat source, convection, smoke, wind, and venting…among other things. Real Grill Masters know that they must understand these concepts and employ strategies to overcome hurdles such as meat thickness and differing grill times in order to achieve the perfect meal. Put the meat on too soon and it will burn, too late and it will not cook thoroughly.

These things are “conveniently” omitted in the arena of the gas grill. The ability to “turn a knob” to increase or decrease heat or to create different heat zones on the grilling surface go against the very foundation of grilling. Not to mention flavor. To achieve a charcoal grill flavor on a gas grill, one must “fake it” by using things like Liquid Smoke or equivalent. Sure, you could put woods chips on your gas grill, but by doing so you are admitting to yourself and anyone watching that a gas grill is inferior to the point you must incorporate attributes of a real grill to attain the same effect.

That having been said, have a look around.