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SocialScope Invite Giveaway – Vote for the Best Entry!

Ok, I know I said I would choose the top 10, but I only received 6. Here they are in no particular order. These guys are counting on you to vote for them. You can vote for two. Once you decide which ones are your favorites, just select them at the bottom of the page. To the applicants, thanks for entering! To the voters, thanks for taking the time, I know the winners will appreciate it and so do I.


I have been waiting for an invite code for around 12 months


Dude! I am an avid follower of your blogs and tweets. I love to stay current on new apps and am trying to live a “transparent” life by using social networking apps to allow people to follow me around. Thanks for all you do. The foursquare page is awesome BTW!


i’ve been very frustrated lately, the lagging of my ubertwitter, facebook app, flickr, foursquare, etc. It seems wrong having all of the applications inside my blackberry, they take a lot of memory spaces and make my berry lags. I first heard about SocialScope from twitter, when i was tweeting, as usual, i saw @thekruser tweets: deleting ubertwitter and facebook from my blackberry, SocialScope is the perfect app i need. well, i was kinda interested since then. @thekruser is a very friendly guy, he replies my tweets asking him about foursquare badges and socialscope and he told me there will be a contest coming up. Well, i can’t wait for it, and so here i am, participating in the contest. I tried to be as creative as i can, but a poem is what i can think of, this is a short poem, a very short one i guess. But this one is for all of you.please do vote:D

this may not be the best poem
im not a poet you guys know’em
thanks for your time, im not making shows
but this is how it goes..

twitter facebook foursquare flickr all at once
that would be something that everyone wants
everything is in one app
there will be no much work for me to tap

there’s no more time wasted
socialscope is what i wanted
i just hope my wish is granted
and everyhing will become completed

i think i deserve the SocialScope
this contest just give me some hope
please do vote for me
i really appreciate it:)teehee

So, how is it? I deserve to win this application, i am a teen who really tweet a lot, checks in a lot, and updates a lot.
Thanks for reading this guys, have a nice day!

p.s: took me hours to write this one :p


Hello, what’s up everyone? This is Kimberly and am writing this to get the socialscope invitation. So, I have übertwitter for my twitter, facebook application for facebook, foursquare, flickr and other social networking applications in my blackberry. When I want to tweet , update my status, and check in the place I am at, it sure is a lot of work to do, I have to open each and every social networking application. Not forgetting about how slow the facebook application is in the blackberry, and how the blackberry is lagging due to the small memory space left available. And when I heard about socialscope from @thekruser’s tweet saying: deleting übertwitter, facebook, etc from my blackberry, this socialscope is rocking, I was like WOW, what type of application is that. So, I really think socialscope is the perfect thing for my blackberry, it’s just that, I’m the tweet-update-checks-in-anytime-anywhere person, it will be perfect for me. Socialscope is still ɑ private beta, and I tried to sign up for the invitation, but to no avail, I have not received any invitations, it’s been like weeks waiting. It was ɑ very nice of thekruser to reply my tweets asking about all the badges and socialscope, when he told me he’s holding the contest, I can’t wait for it, it’s ɑ very good opportunity for me. Well, I’ve heard about how great and perfect the application is, and I can’t wait to have it. So, vote for this essay, I would appreciate it if you guys do vote:)thanks for reading and voting for me, have ɑ nice day everyone!

I’ve recently been extremely frustrated by the delays I get when I tweet or post a message on facebook. What is even more annoying is the pop up screen which says,”server down due to over-capacity”.

With so many people from all over the world trying to share their personal issues, ranging from africans to koreans, the server simply cannot hold the massive amount of messages being published every millisecond.

And just when I was about to throw down my blackberry and give up, I stumbled across a very promising application, SocialScope. To me, SocialScope seems like another way for me to spend my past time as minutes past. Seeing as it is not very popular yet, I find it quite pleasant to just post out my thoughts immediately one after another without having to leave my blackberry on for half-an-hour just to send one short comment to the internet.

This wonderful application, SocialScope is what every teen would dream of, because it is twitter and facebook on the same screen! No more wasting my time just to switch applications when I can do it all in one go!

I believe that once I got this application, I would use it to its full extent. Of course, I would not fail to promote it to other teens like me. Because I am a frequent tweeter, SocialScope would allow me to communicate with my friends in a more efficient way,and at the same time allow the application to gain popularity. A win-win situation for both of us.

And so I conclude that is why I believe I should win the application. I will really appreciate it if you guys vote for me. Thank you for reading this:)have a nice day!


Hi! My name is Dennis, I’m from Indonesia. I’ve been following thekruser for quite a long time because of his awesome website about foursquare badges which really helps me unlock most of the badges available. Then I notice him tweeting from SocialScope, which makes me curious and I ended up googling about it. Most people said that the SocialScope is the best social networking platform which makes me interested in trying it. Then I signed up for the closed beta invitation, but I was never informed until now. Now is the best chance to try my luck once again to get the SocialScope on Blackberry which is presented by the kind and generous thekruser :D


SocialScope is the best social media application, because SosialScope is a very comprehensive application. I always find information about SocialScope, because I need the invitation.
SocialScope very simple and practice, coz with one application we can enjoy the features
from many social network. SocialScope very useful for me, because my gadget its bold 9000 that hate low memory capacity. With SocialScope i can uninstall many applications and I can save my gadget memory.
I hope you cab give me invitation code, Thanks

Well, there you have it. These guys would really appreciate your vote. Remember, you can vote for two.

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SocialScope Invite Giveaway

SocialScope Logo

This contest’s entry period is over.

I will post the entries that I received in a separate blog post so you can vote.

SocialScope is a BlackBerry app that features twitter, facebook, flickr, and foursquare integration with the ability to simultaneously post to multiple accounts. It is hands-down my favorite twitter client. The problem is, they have been in private beta since 2008. Many people have been waiting for this app…and will continue to wait. You could request an invite or…you could enter my contest!

All you have to do to enter is tell me why you are the one person in the world that deserves a SocialScope invite more than anyone else! It is that simple. There are two ways to enter, and it couldn’t be easier: Continue reading

What I Hate About Twitter for BlackBerry

Here is a short list of what I hate about #T4BB. Granted, right now I’m tired as hell and a bit irritable. Either way, here we go. Just off the top of my head:

  • The fact that there is no shortcut for “quote tweet” either on the keyboard or in the Profile page.
  • The way “quote tweet” looks all together. What was wrong with RT?
  • @replies show in my timeline WAY before they show in my @reply list.
  • If they can get DMs to show in my messages list, why the hell is it that my @replies don’t?
  • Why does the “integrate into messages” produce one thing only in my messages list “You have new tweets.”?
  • No multi-acct support.
  • It randomly scrolls. I can be scrolling up my timeline, then for no reason at all it just shoots to the bottom.
  • When I click a link in a tweet and it opens the page, when I hit the back key, it does not take me back to T4BB.
  • There is no day separator. When one scrolls through their timeline, there is no distinction between today and yesterday.
  • There is no “This person is following you” notification on the Profile page.
  • The fact that “Unfollow” is the first option in the Profile page. So annoying when I am trying to hit the RT link and accidentally hit unfollow.
  • You can’t scroll left or right to return to the top.

And that’s all I can think of at the moment. Got one? Leave it in the comments.


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Get the 4sq Day 2010 badge!

Happy foursquare Day

Happy foursquare Day

Get the 4sq Day 2010 badge by checking in with (or shouting) “Happy Foursquare Day” without the quotes. Good for today, 16 April, only! Be sure to hit the retweet button to the right to let your friends know!!

Thanks for the info, Nan Palmero: BlackBerry Power User!

-Posted from my beloved BlackBerry!

Tether: What an Awesome App

I recently was hooked up with a copy of Tether for BlackBerry by a buddy of mine. I will refrain from listing his name here so he doesn’t get inundated by people begging for a hook up. To my friend…thank you! I had no idea what I was missing!

Here’s the deal. I had heard about Tether many times before. I actually looked into purchasing it more than once, but I just couldn’t justify the price. Especially since I have a non-3G phone. There is little in life as painful as loading a full web page over a 2G connection. If you ever do have the chance to load a full web page over a 2G connection, jump off a f-ing cliff. It will be far less painful. Continue reading

Foursquare for BlackBerry Beta Gets an Update

Beta App in ProgressJust when I was ready to hit the rack, my friend Nan: BlackBerry Power User let me know about the newest version of the foursquare for BlackBerry Beta. So…thanks, Nan, for letting me know about the newest update; THANKS NAN, NOW I HAVE TO WRITE A NEW POST! Ha ha ha! I am starting to see double at this point — I am rather tired (thank God for spell check) — but if I didn’t post at least something, I would feel like I am letting my readers down. so, without further adieu, this is what I noticed on first glance. Continue reading

MS Access Error Message: “Could not use ‘Admin’: file already in use.”

ErrorI am the database administrator for a secured, multi-user, networked Microsoft Access database. Explaining the issues I have encountered while in my current job as applied to database administration would take more space than my hosting plan will allow! My biggest hurdle is that I am a network admin for my sector, but do not have full access to the server…only my sector. Inherently, the issue then becomes when the server admins change security settings or network drive locations without letting me know. The most common issue with drive permission and security is not access to the backend, but instead modified permissions. The resulting error message is almost always “Could not use ‘Admin’: file already in use.” Continue reading

The Top 5 Things I Hate When People do on Twitter

Screaming WomanNo one can be happy all the time, least of all someone like me. I can be doing something I thoroughly enjoy, yet still have something to be angry about. It is human nature…at least it is my nature. Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy twitter. However, there a few things that people do that irritate me. Here are the top 5: Continue reading

QR Codes: The Way of the Future. Don’t get left Behind! QR CodeThere is a new buzz in the air. Something not everyone knows about. It is coming to the US. It is the Quick Response (QR) Code. True, some people know about it, but most are still unaware of the impact this simple code is going to have. You have probably seen codes like this before without even realizing it. Want to know what all the hype is about? Want to be ahead of the competition in the tech race? Read this article, or you will be sorry you didn’t! Continue reading

Multiple Site Admin Permission Solution in WordPress MU…Kind Of

Now what do I do?Admission: I am a tech-freak. My idea of Christmas presents this year? WEB SITES FOR EVERYONE! Now, I made this decision and just started purchasing domain names. As an afterthought (I know…great time to think about it), it occurred to me that I am the only web-minded person in the family. Great! Now everyone has a website that they are going to want help maintaining. Great planning, kruser! Then it hit me (again…my timing is impeccable), I have WordPress MU! Problem solved. But wait, there’s more. One of the sites was for my niece, a rather web-centric person as well. I wanted her to have full reign of her own domain instead of being bound to my themes and plugins. I figured making her an Administrator of her domain would solve this issue. NOPE! Well, damn…back to square one!
NOTE: If you are not well versed, or at least adventuresome with your hosting service and database management, just skip this article! Continue reading