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All About This Date

Every application has a story behind it…

The other day I wondered how old my grandfather was when my son was born.  I got to number crunching and found the answer.  Then I started thinking about the relativity of a date.   What day of the week was my son born on?  That sent me on a mission.  About 15 hours later, All About This Date Beta 1 was born. Continue reading

Whip Maker Featured Image

Whip Maker

Whip Maker on the Apple App Store

Every application has a story behind it…

As an aside, my family is geographically separated.  On a recent visit to my parents’ house while my brother was in town — and after a few beers — our stepdad’s bullwhip came out.  I have to add, this is not the first occurrence of this phenomenon.  After a brief “refresher course” from the master, my brother and I took turns trying to produce the coveted crack…at times with a great deal of pain.  We both decided that we must finally master this skill.  That means we needed bullwhips. Continue reading

I was Hacked

Just a word to those who have not yet heard, this site has been hacked. I am correcting the issue. Please be patient with me and know that I would never attempt to hijack, infect, or otherwise exploit my readers. Once the issue has been corrected, I will post more.

Thank you for visiting I hope you return.

UPDATE: I am still working this issue, but the virus appears to be gone. There will continue to be glitches for a while.  My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience. I am thoroughly scanning each and every file before posting, so it may take a while to get everything back up and running in its entirety. Thank you for your continued patience.

Get the 4sq Day 2010 badge!

Happy foursquare Day

Happy foursquare Day

Get the 4sq Day 2010 badge by checking in with (or shouting) “Happy Foursquare Day” without the quotes. Good for today, 16 April, only! Be sure to hit the retweet button to the right to let your friends know!!

Thanks for the info, Nan Palmero: BlackBerry Power User!

-Posted from my beloved BlackBerry!

Tether: What an Awesome App

I recently was hooked up with a copy of Tether for BlackBerry by a buddy of mine. I will refrain from listing his name here so he doesn’t get inundated by people begging for a hook up. To my friend…thank you! I had no idea what I was missing!

Here’s the deal. I had heard about Tether many times before. I actually looked into purchasing it more than once, but I just couldn’t justify the price. Especially since I have a non-3G phone. There is little in life as painful as loading a full web page over a 2G connection. If you ever do have the chance to load a full web page over a 2G connection, jump off a f-ing cliff. It will be far less painful. Continue reading