MS Access Error Message: “Could not use ‘Admin’: file already in use.”

ErrorI am the database administrator for a secured, multi-user, networked Microsoft Access database. Explaining the issues I have encountered while in my current job as applied to database administration would take more space than my hosting plan will allow! My biggest hurdle is that I am a network admin for my sector, but do not have full access to the server…only my sector. Inherently, the issue then becomes when the server admins change security settings or network drive locations without letting me know. The most common issue with drive permission and security is not access to the backend, but instead modified permissions. The resulting error message is almost always “Could not use ‘Admin’: file already in use.”

This message is caused when network drive permissions are changed in bulk. Individual permissions are overwritten by the server admins forcing new security policies to the subordinate sectors. The solution is almost always to reverify individual user permissions for the folders in which your frontend and backend files reside. Users will need full access to these folders.

This problem will sometimes manifest itself in the ability to open the database, but not modify any data. For instance, User A can log in to the database and load any form or report. However, when editing a record the changes are either not allowed or not saved on exit.

There are several more ways this issue can manifest itself, but these are the main two. If you have a similar situation, or an alternate solution, please let us all know by leaving a comment! Thank you for visiting. I look forward to hearing form you.

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