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Every application has a story behind it…

As an aside, my family is geographically separated.  On a recent visit to my parents’ house while my brother was in town — and after a few beers — our stepdad’s bullwhip came out.  I have to add, this is not the first occurrence of this phenomenon.  After a brief “refresher course” from the master, my brother and I took turns trying to produce the coveted crack…at times with a great deal of pain.  We both decided that we must finally master this skill.  That means we needed bullwhips.

Given my affinity for paracord, I scoured the interwebs and found Nick Schrader.  The problem was, I wanted a 9′ whip and his video was for a 6′.  I tried to “guesstimate” appropriate lengths of paracord to create a 9′ whip…and wound up with a 7′ 10″.  Now I am on a mission…

The App

This app is designed to be used along with instructions provided by Nick Schrader on his YouTube channel.  He gives lengths needed to make a 6′ whip, but what if you want a different length?  Either you have to do the math…or you can let Whip Maker do it for you.  By entering the whip length you are going for, Whip Maker will give you the lengths of all of the strands you will need.

How to use Whip Maker

There really isn’t much instruction necessary.  Just enter the desired length and tap Calculate.  Whip Maker does the rest.  Enjoy!

Whip Maker v2.0 Image

Whip Maker v2.0

Whip Maker Entering Length

Enter the length you want in feet and inches.

Whip Maker Showing Calculations

Tap the Calculate button and let Whip Maker do the rest.

Whip Maker Showing Metric Calculations

Now with metric conversions.

Version History

v2.2 – In the works…

  • Added ability to turn off ads

v2.1 – Current Version Available in App Store (4 April 2014)

  • Added metric system support.

v2.0 (28 March 2014)

  • New, easier to read, and more responsive design.
  • Can now calculate up to 20′ whip length.

v1.0 (22 March 2014)

  • The initial launch.


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