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Solve a Vanishing Network on your iPod Touch

Having issues with your iPod touch not retaining your Wi-Fi settings? Getting tired of having to enter your Wi-Fi settings every time you want to connect to your network? Irritating, isn’t it? I feel your pain. I argued with this for weeks before I finally found the solution. With a few simple steps, and about 5 minutes of your life, you can put this problem to rest! Continue reading

Securing your Wireless Network

wirelessSo, you have a wireless network. Now it is time for you to take security seriously. Most people think that setting up a wireless network and hiding the SSID is all you need to do. I have been in networking for several years, mostly as a service tech. I cannot tell you how many times I rolled on a service call to find that a customer’s wireless network had been compromised, often without them even knowing. In my experience, internet leaching neighbors is the most common form of network compromise. However, wardriving is an even bigger threat. When a wardriver finds your unsecured (or weakly secured) network, it is often loaded to a server with GPS coordinates letting others know where they can go to leach internet, or worse. While there is little you can do to stop a truly dedicated hacker, it is rather simple to keep your network from being labeled as a prime target. Continue reading