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How to Attain WEP and WPA Simultaneously

First and foremost, I must give credit to one of my twitter pals, TroyBrownBBNews, without whom this post would not be possible. Without his help, I would not have gotten it to work.

So, you might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to have anything to do with WEP?” The answer is, you shouldn’t, but there are still many devices out there that have not yet made the switch to full WPA, let alone WPA2. Simply stated, much like the age-old adage about a chain and a weak link, your network can only be secured up to the level of the lowest security-enabled device. In other words, if you have a device that you must have on your network that’s highest level of encryption is WEP, the highest level of encryption you can enact would be WEP. A WEP-only device will not connect to a WPA network. For instance, and in my case, if you have a child who happens to own a Nintendo DS Lite or DSi, you understand why. For the longest time, I refused to lower my encryption for the home network to allow for online game play. However, in today’s market there are several games that cannot be fully played unless an internet connection is made available. Therein lays the conundrum. Do I lessen the level of protection, or do I deal with purchasing games that my son cannot fully enjoy (and also listen to the repeated pleas for internet connectivity)? The answer is: I can have both with a little work. And so can you. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading