All About This Date

Every application has a story behind it…

The other day I wondered how old my grandfather was when my son was born.  I got to number crunching and found the answer.  Then I started thinking about the relativity of a date.   What day of the week was my son born on?  That sent me on a mission.  About 15 hours later, All About This Date Beta 1 was born. As I kept adding things that were specific to a date, the project started to change.  Now, I have an app that focuses mostly on statistics of a date, but with the added ability to see ow old a person was on the date selected.

The App

Have you ever wondered how old Elvis and Jimmy Hendrix would have been today if they were still alive? Ever wonder what day your parent was born on? Curious how old you are today…down to the day? Want to know how old your grandparent was when your child was born? If you answered “yes” to any one of the above questions, All About This Date is for you.  It is a fun little app that will tell you all of those things and so much more!  All you have to do is launch the app, enter birthday information for your friends and family, and select a date…All About This Date will do the rest! All About This Date was built to give you a current snapshot of today’s statistics: The Julian Date, what quarter we are in, how many days are left in the year or the fiscal quarter, etc.  It has slowly grown in to what it is now, and I am not done yet!

How to use All About This Date

Simply select a date and let the app do the rest!

v1.0 (submitted to App Store)

All of the following are currently calculated for the date you select:

  • How old a person was on that day (years, months, and days)
  • Day of the week
  • Week of the month
  • Julian date
  • Calendar quarter
  • Fiscal quarter
  • Time difference from today (years, months, days)
  • Days remaining in the month
  • Weeks remaining in the month
  • Days remaining in the quarter
  • Weeks remaining in the quarter
  • Days remaining in the year
  • Weeks remaining in the year
  • Days remaining in the Fiscal Year
  • Weeks remaining in the Fiscal Year


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